Dr Richard Corrigall


Consultant Adolescent Psychiatrist

Dr Richard Corrigall is a Consultant Psychiatrist at Snowsfields Adolescent Unit.

Other roles

He is Chair of Trust’s Local Negotiating Committee and CAMHS lead for medical student teaching

He has made policy contributions to:

2007: “Pushed into the Shadows” for the Office of the Children’s Commissioner

2003: “Where Next? – Report 1” for YoungMinds

2001: “Turned Upside Down” for The Mental Health Foundation

2000: “Whose Crisis?” for YoungMinds

He was a member of the Children and Young People’s Clinical Pathway Group for London, part of NHS Next Stage Review of 2007/08. He was also a member of the project reference group for Royal College Review of Standards for Care of Young People on Adult Wards.


Dr Corrigall studied at Newcastle Medical School and trained at the Maudsley.

He established Snowsfields Adolescent Unit from scratch in 1998, which was based at Guy’s Hospital until it transferred to the Maudsley in 2010. It was the first adolescent unit in the UK to offer 24/7 emergency access using all beds.

He has been the recipient of awards that include: Regional Winner and National Finalist in the Mental Health category of the Health and Social Care Awards 2004; Highly Commended in the Young People’s Mental Health category of NIMH Positive Practice Awards 2004; Finalist for Hospital Doctor Awards 2004.


His research work includes a planned randomised controlled trial of alternatives to inpatient care for adolescents with severe mental illness. He has also been a collaborator with a number of Institute of Psychiatry studies relating to early onset psychosis

Previous research topics include inpatient care for adolescents; psychological treatments for psychosis; brain development in early onset psychosis; and ethnicity and use of MHA.

He has led research and educational presentations in the UK and abroad.


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