Personality Disorders Service

Location: Maudsley Hospital
Mode: Outpatient, outreach
Average length of treatment: 2 years
Referrals are accepted from: Consultant psychiatrists, community mental health teams, PCTs, GP consortia

Key areas: Personality disorder (non-forensic)


Our service is a day unit based at the Maudsley Hospital, for people with a non-forensic personality disorder that other services have found difficult to help, who often make frequent use of emergency services and multiple care agencies.

The purpose of our service is to help people build and foster healthy relationships and to integrate them back into the community, with a reduced reliance on local mental health resources. Our evidence-based, psychotherapeutic programme lasts around two years, and people are expected to attend up to five days per week.

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Lilly’s story

Finding support in other people wasn’t as nightmarish as I’d imagined. Even when the therapy was hard, I felt safe and there was always someone there for me. I had people around me who believed I could move out of the state of just existing…

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