Trauma and Dissociation Service

Location: Maudsley Hospital, Outpatient Department
Mode: Outpatient, legal reports, training
Referrals are accepted from: Clinical Commissioning Groups, Consultant Psychiatrists, IAPT, Community Mental Health Teams, GP or GP Consortia

Key areas: Post-traumatic stress disorder


Our service specialises in the assessment and treatment of complex post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and dissociative disorders. We are a national service offering second opinions and new forms of treatment for people with complex presentations.

Our philosophy

We are committed to high standards of care and willing to expand new modalities of treatment for clinical cases where other modalities of treatment have failed.

We encourage growth, learning and change, and support service users taking responsibility for their welfare. The aim is for service users to develop a sense of control and support of healthy boundary development.

We achieve this through a variety of modalities of treatment, using a tailor made programme devised for each service user.

Our treatment model is divided in three phases (adopted from J. Herman, 1992):

  1. Safety and stabilisation– where the emphasis is in psychoeducation and in achieving a level of containment and decreasing risk issues.
  2. Trauma focussed therapy– where the person is able to work on the traumatic memories.
  3. Rehabilitation and reintegration– final stages of therapy where the person is encouraged to work towards reintegration into society


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