Visual Perceptual Disorder Service

Location: Maudsley Hospital King’s College Hospital
Mode: Outpatient
Length of treatment: Up to 3 sessions
Referrals are accepted from: GP’s, Consultant, Self-funded

Key areas: Clinical assessment, Neurological examination, Ophthalmological testing, Brain imaging, EEG/visual electrophysiology, Specialist investigations


The service provides specialist assessment, investigations, diagnosis and treatment initiation for adults with a visual perceptual disorder (e.g. visual hallucination, visual illusion, visual snow, visual perceptual deficit). The visual perceptual disorder may be occurring in a previously diagnosed eye, neurological or psychiatric condition, or the cause of the disorder may be unknown at the time of referral. The service offers a detailed assessment of the symptom, advice on treatment and if required, up to two follow-up visits to assess treatment response.

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