Eating Disorders Training Programme

Location: Maudsley Hospital
Mode: Training programme, clinical supervision, service development

Key areas: Consultation, multi-family day treatment, service development, service evaluation, supervision


We provide training in single and multiple family therapy approaches, the treatment of child and adolescent eating disorders for individuals or small groups of professionals, and team-based outreach training for larger groups.

Our multi-family therapy (MFT) treatment training is relevant not only to clinicians working with eating disorders, but tothose working with other mental health problems like obsessive compulsive disorder, substance misuse, depression, school refusal and psychosis.

We offer follow-up consultation and ongoing supervision on multi-family therapy and single family-based treatments. We also provide consultations to clinicians, managers and commissioners wishing to develop specialist child and adolescent eating disorders services.

Who is this programme for?

  • Acute and mental health NHS Trusts
  • Primary Care Trusts
  • Clinicians from outside the United Kingdom

Our outcomes include:

Multi-family therapy training

  • Competent and effective in the application of MFT treatment in their own service settings
  • Participants develop networks of professional support in running multi-family groups
  • Service managers become competent and effective in supporting the systematic implementation and the use of MFG
  • The use of MFT in addition to single family-therapy treatment improves engagement and clinical outcomes for young people and their families

Family therapy for adolescent eating disorders training

  • An understanding of the theoretical principles underpinning effective family intervention in child and adolescent eating disorders
  • Develop specific skills to engage and intervene with families where a child or adolescent has an eating disorder
  • Explore ways in which systemic family therapy and individual therapy skills can be combined with knowledge about eating disorders, nutrition and the medical risk associated with eating disorders in the context of a team

Supervision and consultancy

  • Ongoing group consultation and group or individual supervision provides continuity for development and implementation of the treatment model in service settings

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