Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care Service

Location: Maudsley Hospital
Mode: Training and consultation

Key areas: Attachment difficulties, challenging behaviours, complex needs, emotional difficulties, fostering, multiple placements, unstable placements


We provide training and consultancy services in the Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care (MTFC) model to multi-agency teams running a MTFC programme.

Our team also holds the United Kingdom Network Partnership agreement with the programme originators in the USA, and can provide a package of training and consultation to local authorities and fostering agencies wishing to set up a new MTFC programme in the United Kingdom.

The MTFC programmes, developed and researched in the USA over 40 years ago by the Oregon Social Learning Centre (OSLC), provides an evidence-based intervention for children and young people in foster care. The programmes are designed for those with complex behavioural and emotional difficulties who have experienced, or are at risk of, multiple placement disruptions.

MTFC works by having highly trained foster carers supported by a clinical team. Together, they deliver individual treatment programmes. Each foster family works with one child at a time for between six and 12 months. Foster carers and clinical staff are trained in behaviour management systems for the age group with which they work. These systems involve giving lots of encouragement, building skills and celebrating achievements.

We offer three programmes spanning the age range from three to 17 years. We conduct regular audits of outcomes which are reported to the Department for Education in July each year.

Who is this programme for?

    • Local authority social service departments with partner agencies, such as health and education
    • Primary Care Trust’s and Children’s Trusts
    • Independent fostering agencies

      Our outcomes include:

        • Promote stability for the child and the ability to live in a family, whether the intended outcome is a return home to birth family, extended family, long-term fostering, adoption or independent living
        • Improved outcomes for children and young people, and a broadened range of out of home placements for children with more complex needs
        • Support for local authorities and other agencies, to help deliver an effective treatment foster care programme
        • Participants can become certified as MTFC providers by the programme originators at the Oregon Social Learning Centre

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