Dr Amita Jassi

Dr Amita Jassi_bwDr Amita Jassi is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist at the National and Specialist OCD, BDD and Related Disorder Service for Children and Young People (South London and Maudsley NHS Trust). She has worked with this client group since 2006. Amita is the lead for the BDD branch of the service as well as the research lead for the clinic.

In her clinical role, she leads multi-disciplinary specialist assessments and develops and delivers individually-tailored treatment packages, including intensive, home-based and inpatient treatment, as well as offering consultation and joint work with clinicians around the country. Amita has taught and trained nationally and internationally on child and adolescent OCD and BDD and engages with media to help increase awareness and understanding of OCD, BDD and related disorders.


Awards and grants

2012 – NHS Hero award – won award following nomination by young person for going ‘above and beyond’ what was needed for his OCD treatment.

2012 – Biomedical Research Centre (principal investigator) – awarded two days a week for 6 months pay cover to work on research examining treatment outcomes for treatment resistant OCD and improving treatments for people with ASD and OCD.

2012 – Awarded £43000 by Maudsley Charity Grant (co-applicant) – Children from ethnic minorities with obsessive compulsive disorder: reducing inequalities and improving access to evidence-based treatment.

2014 – Awarded £24,000 by Maudsley Charity (co-applicant) – Internet-based cognitive behaviour therapy for children and adolescents with OCD: development of a novel program

2016 – Biomedical Research Centre (principal investigator) – awarded one day a week for 9 months to develop and evaluate treatment protocol for young people with OCD and ASD.

2016 – Awarded £50,000 – Maudsley Charity (principal investigator) – Reducing inequalities in access to services for OCD for young people and families from ethnic minority backgrounds.



Research interests include OCD, BDD and related disorders; phenomenology, factors affecting treatment outcomes, developing and improving treatments for these conditions, impact of ethnicity on access and treatment, family accommodation, ASD, multi-family group.


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Upcoming publications:

Appearance Anxiety: A book on BDD for Young People, Families and Professionals (due to be published in March 2019)

Jassi, A.D. & Kindynis, Z. (2019) ‘Using Exposure with Young Children’. In

McGuire, J., Peris, T., & Storch, E A. (Eds) A Clinicians’ Guide to Exposure Therapy with Children and Adolescents.

Jassi, A.D. & Krebs, G. (2019) ‘CBT for young person with ASD and OCD’ In In Storch, E. A., McKay, D. & Abramowitz, J. (Eds.)Advanced Casebook of Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders 

Jassi, A.D., Baloch, A., Thomas-Smith., K & Lewis, A. (in prep) ‘Family accommodation in body dysmorphic disorder’.

Jassi, A.D., Krebs., G., Lewis, A. & Stobie (in prep) ‘Using the C in CBT’.

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