Dr Grainne McAlonan, Reader (Clinical) and Head of Research and Development


Grainne McAlonanBackground

Dr McAlonan is a Specialty Doctor at the Adult ADHD Clinic and the Autism Assessment and Behavioural Genetics Clinic.  She is also a Reader (Clinical) at The Institute of   Psychiatry, King’s College London and Head of Research and Development for the Behavioural and  Developmental Psychiatry Clinical Academic Group, King’s Health Partners.

She also holds an  Honorary Associate Professor post at The University of Hong Kong, where she worked for 11  years before returning to the U.K.. She completed medical training at University of Cambridge  and Imperial College, U.K. and gained a PhD in Behavioural Neuroscience from University of Cambridge.


Dr McAlonan’s research focus is on disorders of neurodevelopment, using MRI to link brain and behaviour in people with autism, ADHD and schizophrenia. In addition, laboratory based methods help investigate causal mechanisms and generate tractable targets for pharmacotherapy. 

 Active projects include:

1. Brain Imaging in Infants (at low and high risk of neurodevelopmental disorders)

2. In-vivo MRS assay of brain glutamate-GABA balance and drug response in adult men with and without Autism Spectrum

3. Brain anatomy and biochemistry in Neurexin-1a knock-out model

4. Predicting and preventing schizophrenia-like phenotype in maternal immune activation model

5. N acetyl cysteine: Effects on striatal glutamate and behaviour

6. Oxytocin: Effects on striatal protein expression and social and non-social behavior

7. Induced Pluripotential Stem Cells for Neurodevelopmental Disorders

8. PET imaging studies in Autism Spectrum: mGluR5 and GABAa5 receptor density in brain.

9. SHOX gene duplication in Autism Spectrum Disorders.


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