Service directory – adults

Click here to order a hard copy of the 2012-13 National Services Directory. Click here to download the complete PDF version 2012-13 National Services Directory. Individual service extracts Acute Assessment Unit Addictions Complex Case Service Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Service Affective Disorders Service Anxiety Disorders Residential Unit Autism Assessment and Behavioural Genetics Clinic Behavioural Disorders Service Brain Injury Service Centre for Anxiety Disorders Trauma Chronic Fatigue Service Depersonalisation Disorder Service Eating Disorders Service Forensic Service Neuropsychiatry Service Older Adult Acute Care Unit Older Adult Continuing Specialist Care Unit Older Adult Early Intervention Memory Service Perinatal Service Personality Disorders Service Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit Psychological Interventions Clinic for Psychosis Psychosexual Service Psychosis Service Psychotherapy Service Self-harm Service Supervised Injecting Clinic Traumatic Stress Service

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