Interventions which may be provided


  • A structured assessment and formulation of the person’s problems by a CBT or psychiatrist experienced in anxiety disorders
  • A minimum of two, and a maximum of five CBT sessions per week
  • Weekly team review of progress
  • Daily CBT focused occupational therapy
  • Weekly compassionate mind group
  • Weekly life skills group
  • A compassionate mind and contextual behavioural therapeutic community with frequent support from other residents
  • Home assessments
  • Family and carer-focused interventions as appropriate
  • Home treatment sessions, accompanied and unaccompanied


  • Empirically validated cognitive behaviour therapy often developed at CADAT,including TF-CBT for PTSD
  • These CBT treatments can be provided in a traditional weekly session format, or in a more intensive format in which most of the treatment occurs within a single week
  • Booster sessions post-treatment, to maintain therapeutic gains
  • Specialist advice on medication

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