Frequently asked questions

I feel in crisis or that I need to be seen urgently. What should I do?

I have been calling into the service but I cannot get through. Is something going wrong?

How do I get referred to one of your clinics?

I am a clinician (for example, GP) who wants to refer to the service. How should I do this?

Do you accept self-funded referrals?

I was referred to your service for assessment. How long am I going to wait until I receive an assessment appointment?

I am on the waiting list but I have not been contacted for an appointment. What should I do?

I’ve been told I am waiting for funding. What does this mean?

What does an assessment with your service involve?

I have been told I need an informant who knows me well since childhood to attend an interview pre-assessment. Who should this be? What if I don’t have anyone appropriate?

I have been sent questionnaires. Do I have to fill them out?

I have been sent questionnaires. How do I get them back to you?

I need to rearrange my appointment. How should I do this?

I was recently assessed by the team. Where is my report?

I think I am due to have a follow-up appointment, what should I do?

I have specific communication/mobility/other needs. Can I still access your service?

I would like to give feedback about my experience. How do I do this?

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