Patient Stories

Neil’s story


“I congratulate you if you have just discovered, or are starting to suspect, that your life has been diminished by the effects of this condition and I express great optimism for your future given my experience and those of others I have read about: even if, like a few, you decide not to use the pills but go back 100 per cent armed with the knowledge and tricks of the trade to minimise pitfalls.”

Natalie’s story

Case study - Natalie

I was really surprised how simple it was in a way. I went in with a lot of assumptions, but I found it quite easy to resolve many of my issues, even though I’d been living with certain mindsets for so long…Since I finished the CBT about six months ago, I’ve felt quite level…

Richard’s story

Case study - Richard

Without the service at SLaM, I genuinely dread to think what would have happened…In my view, departments like the Adult ADHD Service at the Maudsley are essential. They help people like me change their lives and make a valuable contribution to society.

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