ASD – Outpatients


Location: Maudsley Hospital
 Diagnostic Assessment
Referrals are accepted from: Consultant Psychiatrists, Commissioners, G.P’s, Private (self-funded), EU

Please click here for the adult ADHD and ASD Outpatient Referral Form

Key areas: Autism Spectrum Disorder and Mental Health, ADHD developmental disorder, anxiety disorders, asperger’s syndrome, autism, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnostic, second opinion, autism spectrum disorder and mood, autism spectrum disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), complex mental health, forensic behaviour, London based, mental health conditions, neurodevelopment disorders, national services, developmental disorders


Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and related disorders are lifelong neurodevelopmental conditions. However, they are often under-recognised in adults, particularly in adolescents, females and older adults. We pioneered the development of specialist services for assessment and treatment of ASD and other neurodevelopmental disorders in adults.  At least 50 percent of patients referred to us have undiagnosed additional mental health difficulties; the identification of these are critical to a patient’s well being.

Our evidence-based service provides assessment for people with:

  • Suspected or diagnosed ASD - including autism and Asperger’s syndrome.
  • ASD and additional mental health problems, including obsessive compulsive disorder, psychosis, depression and anxiety.
  • Suspected chromosomal abnormalities or single gene disorders, including 22q deletion and fragile X syndrome.
  • ASD and behaviour that challenges.
  • Other behavioural phenotypes of significant genetic origin.

Our team includes internationally renowned clinicians. Our staff hold the world’s biggest grant for research into autism and have won the NHS Innovation of the Year award.

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