Patient Stories

James’ story

Case study - James

I became more conscious of what was happening and when…After a couple of months I thought ‘yeh, I’m getting to grips with the problem’. I was surprised in a way because I was in two minds about how effective counseling and therapy could be.

Samantha’s story

Case study - Samantha's story

John was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) at the age of eight and we struggled, big time, up to the age of 16, by which stage I was signalling to doctors that there had to be something else…

Natasha’s story


…I had a chance to tell them important things without needing to answer questions in front of him. I was told approximately how long the first meeting would take and given a rundown of how the day would be arranged. I was rather impressed.

Ellen’s story

Case study - Ellen

We saw a psychiatrist, who diagnosed him with Asperger’s syndrome and referred him to a local psychiatric hospital. He was going there once every three weeks, but they weren’t offering him treatment. He also became violent at home, which made him impossible to live with…

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