Centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma

Location: Maudsley Hospital
Mode: Outpatient
Referrals are accepted from: Consultant psychiatrists, counsellors, CMHTs, GPs, GP consortia. Please see our eligibility criteria for referral exclusions.

Key areas: Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social phobia, specific phobia, perinatal obsessive compulsive disorder, other anxiety disorders


Our Centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma (CADAT) service is a leader in both research and clinical treatment of anxiety disorders in the UK. We are an outpatient clinic which treats people whose primary problem is a specific anxiety disorder, as listed above.

CADAT for parents with anxiety disorders (CADAT-PAX)

A new cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) service for mums or dads experiencing anxiety disorders, during pregnancy or with children up to 3.

Anxiety disorders are very common and often aggregate in families. There is a wide spectrum including OCD, health anxiety, panic disorder, PTSD, emetophobia, BDD and specific phobias. These disorders are functionally impairing and if untreated can affect partner relationships, parenting, and impact on child outcomes including emotional and behavioural disorders. The timely delivery of fast and effective treatments is therefore of huge importance. CBT is recommended by National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) as a treatment for all anxiety disorders.

At CADAT we are a specialist service offering outpatient CBT for anxiety disorders for patients at all levels of severity. We have significant expertise in the delivery and development of CBT for anxiety disorders, including condensed, time-intensive CBT which often suits the demanding lives of parents with young children.

CADAT-PAX is a new subservice of the CADAT dedicated to parents with young children. PAX therapists can offer fast-tracked assessments and intensive treatments not provided elsewhere in South London and Maudsley or in the country. Evening appointments are available.

The service is open to mothers and fathers in the antenatal period and up to three years post-birth. Referrals are accepted nationally and locally from IAPT, as well as from local perinatal services (if funding has been authorised via the appropriate borough specialist panel) and national perinatal services. Complex perinatal cases should always be referred to the appropriate specialist service for assessment in the first instance.

Please contact Dr Fiona Challacombe for further information or to enquire about the suitability of a referral. Please see our contact us page to download the CADAT referral document.

ADEPT study

We at CADAT and King’s College London are also conducting a study aiming to find the most effective form of CBT therapy for pregnant women with anxiety disorders. The study is open to women in south London, who are between 12 and 20 weeks pregnant. For more information contact Dr Fiona Challacombe or see www.adeptstudy.co.uk for further details.

Please note these are outpatient services and patients are required to travel to the centre for the treatment sessions. Referrals accepted under both the PAX and ADEPT services will be prioritised for treatment. For any queries regarding perinatal referrals please email Dr Fiona Challacombe.

Dockhead Firestation Hoarding Group

Is your home getting cluttered? Do you struggle to get rid of things? Do you or does anyone else think that you have difficulties with hoarding?

We would like to invite you to a support group to discuss such difficulties. This group is open to anyone and you can come to as many sessions as you wish.

The group meets at Dockhead Fire Station, 8 Wolseley Street, SE1 2BP and runs from 1.30pm to 3pm every Thursday. Refreshments will be available.

For further information, please contact:

  • Caroline Harrison: 07701398363
  • Tom Graham: 07860915802

We work with people to free them from their anxiety disorder and to improve their quality of life. We provide cutting edge CBT treatment for anxiety disorders, including trauma-focused CBT for PTSD. The CBT treatments we offer are those recommended by the NICE. Our services are particularly suitable for people with severe anxiety disorders, or those who have not made sufficient progress with CBT locally, or where the local secondary care services are not well developed for people with severe anxiety disorders.

Many of these treatments have been developed by our own team, have been very effective in randomised controlled trials, and are subject to high levels of quality control. All our therapists are accredited CBT therapists and receive clinical supervision to ensure the quality of treatment. We have an active service user group who advise us on both research and service provision.

Case study - Paul

Paul’s Story

I’d often be embarrassed in social situations, and when I’d blush I felt like other people knew about it…The treatment taught me to confront the social situations I found difficult. Part of the therapy was to put myself in experimental situations with others…

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