National Affective Disorders Service

Location:  Maudsley Hospital
Mode:  Outpatient
Referrals are accepted from:  Consultant Psychiatrists, Community Mental Health Teams, GP’s

NHS patients are funded by their Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)) on the basis of their GP or postcode.  NHS patients whose assessment / treatment has been declined by their CCG, or overseas patients, have the option to self-fund.  Please be aware that SLAM is not a preferred provider with any Private Medical Insurer (PMI) and therefore your PMI may not be willing to fund the service

Key areas: Affective disorders in health professionals, bipolar disorder, depression, seasonal affective disorder, treatment resistant depression


Our service provides specialist assessment and treatment for people with complicated or treatment-resistant mood disorders, including depression and bipolar disorder. Our team of internationally recognised experts has an impressive record in treating those who have been previously resistant to treatment. We offer a range of care options, depending on the needs of the person and the referrer: both benefit from the comprehensive specialist input delivered by our experts and their teams, with access to the latest evidence based treatments.

We also offer a service for healthcare professionals with mood disorders who prefer not to be treated in their local area for reasons of confidentiality.  Although a specialist service, the National Affective Disorders Service is not specifically commissioned to see health care professionals, and we require all referred patients to be under the care of a local community mental health team prior to acceptance of a referral to our service. Where this may not be possible due to professional connections between patients and teams we ask that local arrangements with neighbouring mental health trusts be sought to ensure referred patients are managed by a community mental health team prior to the acceptance of a referral to our service.


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