Care options

Care option Description Code Unit
Tertiary, 2nd opinion assessment An in-depth, one-off assessment of the person's affective disorder by our internationally recognised experts and their team. A detailed written report will be provided 4 to 6 weeks following assessment, which will include formulation and specific recommendations for further treatments, to be undertaken by local services. 92945 Per assessment
Tertiary - 2nd Opinion Follow up Treatment Package Following a one off 2nd Opinion Assessment, treatment sessions may be offered
and are conducted by a consultant psychiatrist or with another member of the
medical team. Up to 10 review appointments may be advised initially,
subject to prior agreement and funding. Further appointments may be arranged
if necessary, again, subject to agreement and funding.
This package is intended to supplement, not to replace, local secondary care
which is a pre-requisite to referral to the Service.
39402 Per session
Specialist Affective Disorders Treatment Package for Health Care Professionals A unique, expert package of care which includes a one off Assessment together with outpatient treatment sessions (39632). This package is for health care professionals for whom local services are inappropriate for reasons of confidentiality. Our senior clinical academic psychiatrists have considerable experience in treating such individuals and expertise in the management of their complex needs.

The main focus of the outpatient treatment programme is the return of the individual to their professional work in the health service whenever possible, the prevention of recurrence and the avoidance of further health related absence.

Initiation and on-going monitoring of novel drug treatment regimens will consist of up to 48, 30-minute sessions with a consultant psychiatrist to discuss progress, review treatment, address side effects and undertake blood monitoring tests where indicated (drug blood levels, full blood count, urea and electrolytes, liver function tests and thyroid function tests).

The full engagement and support of the local consultant or physician, throughout the individual\'s treatment with the service, is a pre-requisite of acceptance on the treatment programme.
92945 Per assessment
39632 Per outpatient treatment session