Care options

Care option Description Code Unit
Self-referrals If you wish to self-fund your assessment and/or treatment, please contact the clinic directly via email at . per session
Assessment and treatment CBT for people with distressing, positive symptoms of psychosis (including bipolar disorder), or secondary emotional problems with a history of psychosis. There are five assessment sessions, which take place at referral, prior to starting therapy, end of therapy and at six-month follow-up, using a range of standardised psychological outcome measures.

Therapy sessions last approximately one hour and people are seen weekly or fortnightly for approximately six months. Therapy is delivered by trained CBT therapists specialising in psychosis and bipolar disorder, as well as their trainees.
. Per assessment
. Per session
Therapeutic groups Groups involve six to eight weekly sessions with two therapists, lasting 60-90 minutes, in a group of four to six people. Sessions focus on a psychological understanding of problems and techniques to improve well-being, like sleep hygiene, stress and anxiety management, and developing self-compassion. . Per person per session
Family intervention These sessions are for people with psychosis and their carers, to help them cope with problems and stressors together. Sessions last approximately one hour and families are seen fortnightly for three months to one year. Sessions are offered either in the clinic or in the person’s home. . Clinic: per session, office hours
. Home: per session, office hours
Trauma and psychosis Individual sessions, suitable for people with active psychotic symptoms who are also suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or another sequelae of trauma. . Per session