Eligibility criteria

Criteria for inpatients


  • 18+ years
  • Male or female
  • Person displays persistent psychotic symptoms or requires further inpatient assessment of probable psychotic symptoms
  • Poor response or tolerance to pharmacological treatments, including clozapine
  • Common diagnostic categories include (but are not exclusive to) schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, refractory disorder, schizoaffective disorder, delusional disorder and drug-induced psychosis, as well as co-morbid conditions
  • Co-morbid medical conditions complicating treatment such as agranulocytosis (red lights), and cardiac complications
  • Requires evidence-based psychological treatments for psychosis (e.g. CBT, family therapy and cognitive remediation and arts therapies)
  • Mild learning disability, provided the person’s local learning difficulties services are involved
  • Informal and formal patients
  • Suitable for nursing in an open ward


  • Severe drug or alcohol addiction problems

Criteria for outpatients


  • 18+ years
  • Male or female
  • A diagnosis, or suspected diagnosis, of psychosis
  • Support from the local CMHT, RMO, Consultant and GP

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