Our interventions include:

  • Specialist nursing care using psychological interventions
  • Bespoke nursing care plans
  • Evidence-based CBT and family therapy
  • Clozapine re-challenge after major complications
  • Cognitive remediation
  • Therapeutic groups (e.g. coping with voices, mindfulness)
  • Expert pharmacy medication review and side effect monitoring
  • Innovative and bespoke pharmacological treatments
  • Emphasis on both physical and mental health, working across specialities where needed
  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation
  • Comprehensive assessment, treatment and recommendations for future placement with robust discharge planning in partnership with local services
  • Intensive occupational therapy programme, both individual and group
  • Specialist social and vocational intervention programme
  • Art therapies, including dramatherapy
  • Carer support groups
  • Carer psycho-education programme
  • Assessment and management of cognitive deficits
  • Pharmacogenetic assessment
  • Joint assessments with children’s services for treatment-tresistant adolescents
  • Support with managing financial needs e.g. benefits entitlement

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