Our service aims to help people gain control over their psychotic symptoms, enable patients and carers to develop an understanding of psychotic disorders, and better manage the likely causes and consequences of their illness. Outcomes are tailored to the requirements of each person.  The service is particularly focussed on improving function and reducing level of care.

Our outcomes include:

  • Reduction in psychosis
  • Improved quality of life
  • Reduced care costs
  • Less frequent episodes of illness
  • Improved social functioning
  • Improved engagement with treatment plans
  • Improved understanding of the illness by the patient and carers
  • Better physical healthcare leading to reduced morbidity

Our results

Graph 1 displays results from an inpatient audit of effect size symptoms from admission to discharge in the last 150 admitted patients. Overall a significant improvement was recorded.

Graph 2 displays the audit results of the symptom scores on admission and discharge from the Psychosis Unit using the OPCRIT. A highly significant improvement was seen in patients audited.

Graph 3 shows the results of feedback from referrers on the value of recommendations made by our service.

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