Self-harm Service

Location: Maudsley Hospital
Mode: Outpatient
Length of treatment: Up to 18 months.
Referrals are accepted from: GP’s, Consultant, CMHT, Single Point of Access (SPA)

Key areas: Borderline personality disorder, self-harm


The Self-harm Outpatient Service specialises in treating people who repeatedly self-harm, have long term interpersonal difficulties and who often have enduring emotional problems linked to adverse experiences during their early life.

The Self-harm Outpatient Service aims to minimise or eliminate the person’s self-harm and to work to develop alternative and healthier ways to live. The service works with people who make frequent use of emergency services or multiple care agencies, may have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and who may also have a range of other mental health problems including eating disorders, anxiety, depression and alcohol or drug misuse.

The self-harm Outpatient Service offers a specialist, second opinion assessment which includes a detailed case review of past assessments and treatments, a psychiatric and psychodynamic interview and a personality assessment.
Referrers are provided with a comprehensive assessment report with treatment recommendations that include psychological, pharmacological and social interventions.

The Self-harm Outpatient Service treatment programme comprises of up to 18 months of weekly therapy.

case study hand - sarah

Sarah’s story

I’ve had a long history of self-harm… from around the age of nine. There was less of a worry when I was young, but as I got older it increased and I felt I couldn’t manage it anymore. I was living my life from crisis to crisis – self-harm to self-harm. What I was doing became life threatening…

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