Care options

Care option Description Code Unit
Assessment Half-day multidisciplinary assessment includes individual, family-based and medical assessments, collation and scoring of assessment questionnaires. A designated therapist or team member carries out the assessment with other team members behind the one-way screen, and contributes to the discussion, formulation and treatment planning. The family are given initial verbal feedback including dietetic advice.

A written report with a treatment plan that includes goals for treatment is provided.
Per assessment
Treatment One-hour sessions include physical and medical monitoring (weight, blood pressure, pulse, blood tests as necessary), and appropriate dietetic advice. Sessions may include team members observing behind a one-way screen and providing additional therapeutic input. Per session
Multi-family Group assessment A two-hour assessment of suitability of the patient and family to join the Multi-family Group treatment. This package is often available to those who may be receiving treatment with their local service, but require specialist intervention. Per assessment
Multi-family therapy treatment An intensive group treatment which begins with an initial 90-minute information meeting followed by four successive, whole-day treatments and then four to five full-day follow-up sessions over six to nine months. . Per session
Professional or one-off family consultation This consultation could be with a member of our team only or with the family present. It is based on an interview conducted by a senior team member with two to three team members viewing the interview behind a one-way screen. This package may be suitable for second opinions. A report with recommendations is provided. Price varies based on individual requirements. Per consultation
Intensive day treatment programme Our service offers an Intensive day Treatment Programme (ITP) funded by NHS England as an alternative to inpatient treatment that works actively with families at all stages of the treatment and helps young people to recover more quickly with better outcomes, prevents protracted inpatient admissions and reduces relapse rates. ITP accepts national referrals for young people aged 11—18 suffering from a range of eating disorders. The service runs from Monday to Friday, and the young people can attend between one and five days a week depending on their specific needs. Young people with an eating disorder take part in the programme which comprises group, individual and family-based therapies. Education is provided by the Bethlem and Maudsley Hospital School. . Per seven-week programme
Training and consultation on service development The team provides regular training in family and family therapy approaches, treatment of child and adolescent eating disorders for individual or small groups of professionals, as well as team-based training for larger groups.

We also provide consultations to clinicians, managers and commissioners wishing to develop specialist child and adolescent eating disorders services. Price varies based on individual requirements.
Per session