Care options


The assessment in the clinic is tailored to the needs of the young person, and will usually take about 3 hours. We ask parents to give a full account of the difficulties, and how they have dealt with these in the past. We also see the young person on their own to ask them about what they are finding challenging at the moment. At the end of the assessment, we meet the family to feedback our thoughts and to discuss our recommendations for treatment. We will also feedback this to other professionals involved via a written report.

To watch a short video clip about our assessment process please click here (password: assessment)

Waiting times

Waiting times vary but we aim to offer a first appointment to start treatment to families within 12-20 weeks following the assessment. When a treatment slot becomes available, we will contact the family a couple of weeks ahead of time to arrange a first appointment. 


Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

Our specialist treatment package of CBT with E/RP involves meeting a therapist at the clinic once a week for an hour over an average of 14 or 20 weeks. We can also offer CBT over the telephone or video link, in an intensive format or during inpatient stay.


Medication can help some young people with OCD and other disorders. If medication is considered appropriate, this will be discussed fully with the young person and family at their assessment. 


To make sure families are supported after treatment, we continue to review progress at 1, 3, 6 and 12 months following treatment. To assist this, we ask the young person and families to complete questionnaires at these times.


Assessment only

MDT presence for intake assessment involving:

  • Meeting with family
  • C-YBOCS/ and history taking
  • Mental state examination + physical examination
  • Team discussion and feedback to family

o   Confirm diagnosis and suggest treatment options

Assessment and treatment

Intake assessment and appropriate treatment package. 


There is a national service for severe and treatment-resistant OCD, funded by the NHS England, for young people meeting the following eligibility criteria:

  • Severe OCD (CYBOCS score = 30 or above)
  • Previous treatment with CBT including ERP
  • Previous treatment with SSRI medication, at optimal dosage and duration.

Any young person fulfilling these criteria can be referred to us for assessment and treatment.

Case study - Trevor

Trevor’s story (Naomi’s son)

When my therapist first said I could live without OCD, it was a shock, but now I feel I’m proving it to myself. A couple of sessions in, I could see things were changing again and I realised I was already getting better…

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