Care options

Care option Description Code Unit
Assessment A comprehensive assessment with the child or young person (depending upon abilities) and their parents or carers to clarify diagnostic status, in particular neurodevelopmental and neuropsychiatric disorders. Information is collated using internet based questionnaires, paper questionnaires, audio-conferencing and video-conferencing methods in addition to face-to-face assessment and information from a variety of sources is included e.g. child, parent, schools, other agencies etc.

Use of wearable technology for psychophysiological monitoring to inform medication use, treatment decision-making, and biometric guided non-pharmacological interventions for personalised care

Treatment months 1 - 6
Medication initiation, monitoring and stabilisation. Nonpharmacological treatment and support to parents or carers, as well as CAMHS and educational colleagues.

Treatment months 7 - 12
Pharmacological intervention modifications. Non-pharmacological treatment and support to parents or carers and CAMHS and educational colleagues.
. 12 months
Treatment, 13 months onwards Pharmacological and psychological review and treatment. . Per session
Training Training is available on topics relating to the assessment, treatment and management of children and young people with complex neurodevelopmental and neuropsychiatric disorders in the context of a range of physical conditions. . Per day