Care options

Care option Description Code Unit
Assessment and treatment The nature of the work includes intensive case management, home treatment, day care or any combination of the three according to need. The intensity of work provided is flexible, up to a maximum of 5 weekly contacts. The duration of treatment varies according to individual need, but it is intended that cases are only managed for as long as specialist Tier 4 care is required. Once a case has reached the point where Tier 3 treatment can safely be resumed a planned handover to the locality CAMHS service is arranged, using the Care Programme Approach as required.

A comprehensive operational policy covers the following issues:

• Risk assessment process including management of serious untoward incidents (SUI)
• Action following missed appointments/absence
• Protocol for responding to self-harm events
• Frequency and nature of telephone support

The ETS team operates 8:00 to 20:00 Monday to Saturday.

When a new case is referred as an inpatient for enhanced treatment an assessment is undertaken and as soon as the clinical profile is consistent with intensive community treatment the young person and their family is offered enhanced treatment in consultation with inpatient professionals and Enhanced Treatment Service staff and the relevant Tier 3 service.
. Per package of care