Care options

Care option Description Code Unit
Assessment, diagnostic and cognitive This assessment may include an IQ assessment, assessment and formulation of risk, a diagnostic assessment for ADHD or autism and a complex case formulation. . Per assessment
Assessment, comprehensive This assessment is for high risk cases, and may include a combination of standardised cognitive assessments that examine neuropsychological profiles, diagnostic assessments for relevant mental health problems (e.g. autism), and a comprehensive risk assessment and formulation. . Per assessment
Assessment, complex This assessment includes any combination of the above assessments with the young person and their parents/carers and thorough review of background documentation. . Per assessment
Complex court assessment Court reports are charged at an hourly rate and assessments will vary according to individual requirements. . Per hour
Treatment Individually tailored treatment sessions are delivered on a weekly basis with additional telephone support available during office hours. Treatment options include offence-focused CBT, dialectical behaviour therapy, and group sessions. . Per month