Care options

Care option Description Code Unit
Assessment Assessments of the impact of parental mental health on family ecology, parenting and child development/safety, identifying risk factors, resulting in realistic goals and effective care plans developed in partnership with other practitioners and agencies. . Per assessment
1:1 intervention A range of early and intensive interventions tailored to individual family need. These include focussed 1-1 structured, home-based interventions that address existing significant parenting issues that are undermining children’s development, outcomes and protection. Parent and child progress and outcomes will be routinely monitored. . Per treatment block
Group intervention Group based parenting interventions that promote positive parenting and provide early intervention for parents where there is a risk that their mental health problems may significantly affect child outcomes. . Per group
Consultation Consultation is available to clinicians and teams regarding concerns related to parent mental health difficulties and the impact on child and family functioning. . Per consultation
Training Specialist training developed to meet the needs of the commissioning service. . Per training event