Eligibility criteria


  • Children and young people below 18 years of age who have been referred by local consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist or paediatrician or team member.
  • Evaluated by local CAMHS or Child Health service responsible for local assessment/care pathway for ASD and felt to need an expert service for assessment and/or management of ASD or associated neurodevelopmental/ mental health problems.
  • Referral questions may include uncertainty about an ASD diagnosis; uncertainty about additional complex neurodisability, mental health/psychiatric or behavioural disorders; and seeking management/treatment assistance and advice for complex cases that are managed by local CAMHS.


  • Children and young people who have not received a diagnostic assessment involving a local ASD diagnostic care pathway as recommended by NICE guidelines.
  • Child/young person or parent self-referral or primary care referral without the knowledge and agreement of local CAMHS or Child Health service.
  • Child and family not known to their local Tier 3 CAMHS or Child Health services.
  • Over 18 years.
  • Inpatient assessment and management is not provided by this service.

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