Care options

Care option Description Code Unit
Assessment In preparation for the assessment, the families are asked to complete a comprehensive online screening questionnaire and the clinicians review all available material. The face-to-face assessment led by specialist clinical psychologists and a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist involves both joint and individual interviews with the young person and the parents or carers. The assessment generally takes place in our clinic at the Maudsley hospital but we are also able to offer off-site assessments if required. The assessment session includes a semi-structured diagnostic interview for ICD-10 and DSM-IV disorders, and standardised self- and parent-reported measures of symptoms and functionality. A specialist report detailing the diagnostic formulation and the treatment recommendations is provided. Assessment can be with the view to providing treatment in the clinic or as a specialist second opinion assessment to inform care planning in local services. . Per Assessment
Treatment Treatment provision includes both psychology sessions and medication review sessions. Standard treatment packages include 12-25 weekly 1-hour psychology sessions and medication review sessions as required. However, we are able to tailor length and frequency of individual sessions and the overall duration of treatment based on clinical needs. Psychological treatment is provided by clinical psychologists specialising in cognitive and behavioural approaches, who are also clinical researchers and CBT trainers. Pharmacological treatment is provided or supervised by a consultant child & adolescent psychiatrist, who is an expert in psychopharmacological approaches to treatment-resistant anxiety disorders and trauma-related psychopathology. . Per session
Consultation We provide consultation to local CAMHS teams on assessment methods (including selection of appropriate measures), formulation (including differential diagnosis), care planning and treatment (including specialist psychological and pharmacological approaches), and service development. We also have experience in delivering specialist training on assessment and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety disorders and depression. . Per Consultation
Supervision We offer supervision packages to both individual clinicians and groups. We have experience in providing supervision in person and also remotely via video-link (e.g., Skype). . .
Medico-legal service We offer a medico-legal service and can provide court reports as required. . Per Hour